The framework of public audit in Spain


  • Antonio Muñoz Juncosa General Comptroller of Barcelona City Council


European Union, Economic and Monetary Union, European Stability Mechanism, European Monetary Fund, Banking Union, Single Resolution Fund


The depth of the economic crisis that began in 208 led to financial stabilization instruments in the European Union (EU). After a period of transience and provisionally, the European Stabilization Mechanism (ESM) allowed the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) countries to consolidate a permanent financial assistance fund. In 2017, the Commission proposed revising the ESM to revoke its international organizational character and transform it into an EU agency included in the EU's institutional structure. The strong opposition of some Member States (MS) has avoided this possibility. The ESM Treaty has been revised and signed by the Eurozone states and maintains its intergovernmental nature. In any case, some new functions have been added, including its establishment as the Single Resolution Fund (SRF) backstop facility only in case of extreme need and when its liquidity is insufficient. Creating this support to the SRF is essential for consolidating the Banking Union.

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Antonio Muñoz Juncosa, General Comptroller of Barcelona City Council

Antonio Muñoz

Doctor in Law. General Comptroller of Barcelona City Council. Associated teacher of University of Barcelona. Teacher of National Institute of Public Administration of Spain. Teacher of Public Administration School of Catalonia. Email:



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