Vol. 2 No. 4 (2023): In Press

This number will soon be printed and entirely online.

Select RIEEL.com articles that are published online before they are printed. There may be some editing adjustments between the initial version issued and the final printed edition.

These papers have been peer-reviewed and have been approved for publication. When the final article is allocated to volumes/issues of the journal, the article in the press version will be withdrawn, and the final version will be published in the corresponding volumes/issues. The date an article was initially published online will be maintained.

There are three sorts of Press Articles:

Journal pre-proofs: copies of an article that have received post-acceptance modifications, such as the insertion of a cover page, metadata, and readable formatting, but are not yet the final editions of the record. Before being published in their final form, these versions will be subjected to extra copyediting, typesetting, and revision; nonetheless, they are offered for early exposure to the article. During the production process, content-altering faults may be detected, and any legal disclaimers apply to the journal apply.
Uncorrected proofs: copyedited, prepared papers that have not yet undergone final review. Before final publication, they must be proofread and edited by the author(s), and the content may be revised.
Corrected proofs: articles with author's corrections. Final citation data, such as volume and issue number, publication year, and page numbers, must be added, and the content may be revised before final publication.


Published: 2022-03-02