Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022): New agreements/pacts for a new global legal order through the codification and progressive development of the global tax governance/cooperation and environmental law.

Cover RIEEL nº1 (vol 1) - Headquarters of the United Nations at New York, with country and European Union's flags and the logo of the WTO and several relevant organizations whose members collaborate with our journal.

Coordinators: Andrés-Aucejo, E., Fernández Pons, X. & Olesti-Rayo, A.

The first issue of the RIEEL offers the first section, "Review Articles", of remarkable ambition and impact. Some proposals are presented on codification and progressive law that directly affect the global legal order in two fundamental areas: International fiscal cooperation and the environment. Thus, the first issue already includes a proposal for a General Agreement on International Tax Cooperation, Trade and Global Tax Governance. This study is seasoned with another on the procedural framework that contains some general ideas to facilitate the preparation of an agreement of these characteristics within the framework of the United Nations. This section also includes a work that deals with the codification of international environmental law in its march towards a global pact for the environment. 

The number is completed with a series of varied scientific articles written by specialists in international law, financial law and political science, together with some chronicles of conferences and congresses, and a bibliographical review. (Extracted from Remiro Brotons, A.;p. 4) 

Published: 2022-02-28